Are you searching an optimal installation concept? Ipero offers technical and economic advice to order. We also conduct feasibility studies and create models for software or energy costs.

Ipero specialises in the development of system designs. We develop optimum performing HVAC systems through our use of capacity measurements, basic diagrams, and a savvy combination of system components.

Start-up and optimisation
Unfortunately, they are common: complaints about climate installation. We at Ipero are experts in energy saving projects and solving comfort complaints. With an analysis of the problem, a plan, a timetable for implementation and audit procedures, the complaints are resolved.  To avoid start-up problems and complaints, Ipero also specialises in guiding start-up installations. Inspections and precise software testing are provided daily by Ipero. Ipero also provides monitoring and evaluation of projects or the provision of statutory reports.

Second opinion
Would you like a second opinion? Ipero offers second opinions for plant designs and already existing projects.

Ipero guarantees good functioning systems.