“Extensive optimisation requires an integrated approach”

The Public Psychiatric Care Centre in Geel (OPZ Geel) allowed the realisation of a central thermal storage system with locally placed heat pumps for its buildings from the Division of Rehabilitation. After unsuccessfully attempting to control the indoor climate for several years, it was time for action. Ipero conducted a survey in collaboration with IFTech and presented a plan of action. Unfortunately, among other things, the cooling system had never worked, the thermal storage system did not regulate, and all the hydraulic circuits were built incorrectly.

The entire power plant and distribution system was re-engineered by Ipero. A technical description rule was also established for the control of the systems. Using this rule, Ipero was able to guide the installation and software engineers in their work. The result is a durable plant that now does what it was intended to do: provide comfort and save energy.